A Line Skirt Pattern Tutorial

A Line Skirt Pattern Tutorial

A truly timeless wardrobe staple, this A line skirt is easy to make and can be made from a variety of materials, so you can make a few for a variety of looks! It features two front darts and two back darts with a concealed zip closure.

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00:00 Introduction
00:59 (a) Sewing the darts
05:43 (b) Side seams
08:41 (c)-(f) Waistband
12:38 (g) Attaching waistband to skirt
14:24 (h) Inserting the zip
19:48 (i)-(k) Finishing the waistband
23:46 (l)-(m) Hem

Suggested fabrics
Cotton, cotton blends, denim, crepe, linen, poplin

Materials needed
2m fabric (60” wide)
50cm medium-weight fusible interfacing
9” concealed zip
Coordinating thread

Size 665cm/25”
Size 870cm/27”
Size 1075cm/29”
Size 1280cm/31”
Size 1485cm/33”
Size 1690cm/35”
Size 1895cm/37”
Size 20100cm/39”